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Pediatric Dentist in Longueuil

Similar to adults, children are prone and can be diagnosed with infections, caries, malocclusions and abscesses. It is imperative for the child to be regularly followed by their dentist and reminded of good oral hygiene instructions. We always want the best for our children, that’s why focusing on dental education and disease prevention will help the child in the long-term. At Avenue Sourire, we enjoy offering pediatric care and have great experience in treating this population segment.

Longueuil's Pediatric Dentist

Even though our clinic treats patients of all ages, we recognize the extra amount of time we need to invest when we have a child or toddler in our dental chair. Children tend to be scared of their first dental visit and it is our job to keep them calm and comfortable during the appointment.

After building trust, we will ensure that the child learns satisfactory brushing and flossing techniques/frequencies to attain optimal plaque control, what food/drinks to avoid and proper oral hygiene habits.
Your Child's First Visit
Some might forget the importance of primary, or baby, teeth since they are meant to be replaced by permanent adult teeth. However, primary teeth are guides for permanent dentition and they greatly influence the eruption of the latters. An infection or cavity left untreated in a baby teeth can have detrimental effects on the long-term.

We aim to make the first appointment the best one. As children feel welcomed and taken care of through our patient-centered approach, they would be motivated to maintain good oral health habits and visit their dentist regularly.

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A healthy dentition and beautiful smile are treasures every child should enjoy. Call us at (450) 445-6161 to schedule an appointment with our staff, all of whom are proficient in treating children.

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