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Teeth Whitening in Longueuil

Are your teeth presenting with certain discolorations and you are not satisfied with them? A smile is one of, if not the first aspect we notice when looking at someone. We understand the importance of teeth aesthetics and offer efficient solutions for whitening your teeth.

Teeth whitening is a very popular aesthetic treatment in the dental chair. It is quick, predictable, inexpensive and usually does not present with long-lasting complications to your dentition.

Teeth Whitening at Avenue Sourire

Why get teeth whitening at Avenue Sourire? It is mandatory for all dental clinics to perform a thorough dental examination before whitening treatment. We screen for any medical or dental history that can be contraindicated for that type of treatment. If a tooth has intrinsic stains due to endodontic related discolorations, certain medication use or systemic disease factors, then a teeth whitening is not indicated. Whitening on restorative materials, like a crown or veneers, is not doable. Often, surface stains on your teeth could be removed simply through a dental cleaning.

At Avenue Sourire, we offer two kinds of whitening: 

Philips ZOOM Laser Whitening
The treatment is the application of a high concentration of hydrogen-peroxide gel with UV light for quick and great results. We first isolate the teeth in order to protect the gums, then apply the bleaching agent and UV light for three to four 15 minutes sets. At the end of the treatment, your smile will shine white as a pearl! However, it is recommended to use home trays for periodic touch-ups.You do need those extra efforts at home to maintain the results!

Home Whitening Custom Trays
If you desire a greater whitening longevity, with minimized adverse reactions, we recommend the use of home whitening custom trays. During your first appointment, we will take impressions of your teeth in order to create a model. Our experienced lab technicians will work with the models to fabricate custom-fitted trays. We will provide you with a whitening agent to use for 6 weeks and information on when/how to apply the solution.
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Dental whitening is a safe and non-invasive way to increase your dental aesthetics. At our clinic, we take our time to perform a thorough dental examination and see if there is a need for teeth whitening. We maximize the treatment by demonstrating how to properly use the trays and what habits/diet to avoid.

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