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Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics | Root Canal in Longueuil

Toothache keeping you up at night? You might need a root canal treatment! At Avenue Sourire, you are in good hands with our doctors having performed over 1200 successful root canal treatments. We can help you preserve all types of teeth, from your incisors to your molars. Root canal is a sought-after treatment for someone who wants a convenient way to relieve their pain and keep a natural tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

We usually perform root canals when the underlying tooth suffers from irreversible inflammation or necrosis. These could occur following deep decay affecting the pulp or a traumatic tooth fracture. Enamel tissue is the hard outer layer of your tooth, covering the crown. This tissue covers another material, called dentin, which in turn surround the pulp. The pulp is composed of extracellular substance, numerous cells, nerve fibers and an abundant vascular supply. The pulp protects against irritations, has sensory and nutritive functions and most importantly, produces dentin, all of which are important in the development of the tooth. 

Below are typical signs of pulpal disease: 
Enhanced sensitivity to hot and cold
Discoloration of your tooth
Swelling and pus formation
Pain with chewing/biting or gingival pain
With new technology, we are able to treat the once dreaded root canal as just another dental procedure by making the process as quick, efficient, painless and anxiety free as possible. We work hard and use modern instruments to finish the treatment in only one sitting and create a positive experience. Nonetheless, soreness can persist for multiple days after the root canal.


By undergoing root canal, or endodontic treatment, you’re conserving the natural form and function of your dentition. If a pulp becomes infected or necrotic, and is left untreated, serious complications may ensue as the infection can spread and cause an abscess. 

Why endodontic treatment?
Saves the natural aesthetic of your tooth
Prevents an infection from spreading and causing major oral health problems
Preserves a natural bite
Prevents loss of the tooth, and subsequent problems if edentulous area is maintained
Limits the need for more dental care
The three steps in root canal treatment are:
Create an access to the canals and removal of the infected or dead pulp tissues
Clean and shape the canals
Seal the canals with a biocompatible material
After the procedure:
Avoid chewing on the tooth the first few days
Anticipate tenderness for a couple of days up to 1-2 weeks
Undergo restorative work, like a crown, on the endodontically treated tooth because such teeth will be more prone to fracture and weaker.
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