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Conscious Sedation

Visiting the dentist can be an unnerving experience for you or your child. At Avenue Sourire Dental Center, we can administer conscious nitrous oxide sedation to reduce the anxiety and stress related to a dental appointment.

The Benefits of Conscious Sedation

Reduce anxiety, fear or phobia during the appointment
Decrease irritation and reaction to pain
Relaxation, increase comfort
Smiling, euphoric feeling

Conscious Sedation in Longueuil

What is it?
Conscious sedation is the process of depressing your level of consciousness in order to have a reduced response to physical or verbal stimulation. It is a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen and inhaled as a gas through a mask. This technique has a rapid onset of action as well as a rapid recovery, allowing you to quickly feel the effect of sedation and terminate it when over.

Sedation at Avenue Sourire

Our dentists always go out of their way to make your treatment stress-free, especially with the help of conscious sedation. Do not mistake sedation with typical local anesthetic, which is given in all dental clinics. A dentist needs professional certification to administer conscious sedation. Avenue Sourire’s dentists all have that certification and have been providing conscious sedation for a long time. Let us help you with conscious sedation and get rid of that fear barrier between you and the dental chair.
Is it Safe?
Conscious sedation with nitrous oxide inhalation is arguably the safest sedation technique. Patients describe warmth, euphoric feeling and are under the impression they are living a dream even though they are awake. Nitrous oxide is safely administered and the action of the drug can be quickly adjusted. In fact, conscious sedation is the only technique allowing the patient to be discharged home alone.

Before and After Sedation

Avoid eating two hours before the appointment
Avoid driving after the appointment
Avoid physical exercise after the procedure
Inform us of any pertinent medical or dental history
If you have any acute or chronic nasal obstruction, such as a cold or flu, advise us or postpone your appointment
Why Avenue Sourire?
We care in delivering you the most relaxed and satisfying experience.

Rest assured that our dentists expertise and experience dealing with conscious sedation is vast, and during the process, we will constantly monitor the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate as well as level of consciousness. 

Help us make your dental appointment a smooth and stress-free encounter. No one should be scared of going to the dentist!

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    5100 Boulevard Cousineau, Suite 200, Saint-Hubert, QC, J3Y 7G5

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