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General Dentistry in Longueuil

General Dentistry Services in Longueuil

Prevention is key to maintain optimal oral health. At our clinic, we offer comprehensive dental services such as a thorough oral health exam, cleanings, polishing, dental restorations, and more.  

Five-Star General Dentistry

We believe communication is key to establish trust between our dentists and patients. At Avenue Sourire, our dentists are all rated 5-stars because of the truly personalized care they’ve been delivering for years. We share our knowledge, motivate and instruct you to establish ideal oral hygiene behaviors at home. The purpose is to avoid disease or pathological issues, but also to make you independent of constant professional support.
General Dentistry Services Offered
At Avenue Sourire, we offer all types of general dentistry procedures: oral health exam and diagnosis, preventive education, cleanings, sealants, fillings, gum care, and more.

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