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Teeth Cleaning in Longueuil

In dentistry, prevention and good oral hygiene are the keystones in maintaining a clean oral cavity and healthy gums. At Avenue Sourire, we reinforce necessary oral hygiene instructions and practice preventive dentistry, through a professional dental cleaning at 6,9 or 12 months interval.

A periodic cleaning and oral exam enables your dentist to routinely screen your dental health and be mindful of any changes. We would be able to diagnose any caries or dental problems at its earliest stage, freeing you from complications arising in later stages. In fact, if left untreated, advanced diseases can be painful and require expensive treatments.

What Does A Tooth Cleaning Treatment Entail?

A professional cleaning can either be done manually, with hand instruments, or with advanced instruments, such as powered ultrasonic scalers. Whereas patients can be limited in how much tooth area they can clean with regular brushing and flossing, we can clean your teeth more thoroughly and deeper than oral hygiene at home.

Essentially, we mechanically remove bacterial plaque and calculus to permit better tissue healing and more effective plaque control. At our Longueuil-base dental clinic we offer cutting-edge technology and advanced radiologic imaging, to guarantee a smooth, meticulous appointment and with low radiation exposure when booking for a dental cleaning.
Why Do You Need Regular Teeth Cleaning?
While a dental cleaning might be considered for aesthetic reasons as it brightens your teeth, it is imperative to understand the importance of routine cleanings to your long-term oral health. In many cases, even with adequate brushing and flossing techniques, the patient will be unable to thoroughly and predictably clean their teeth as done during a professional cleaning. Plaque is the main etiological factor in gum disease, therefore having an oral health professional remove as many as possible, will allow you to better control the disease process.

Gum lines are especially prone to further disease because the location is in a bacterial plaque retentive area. By resorting to a professional cleaning, you are giving your teeth a more proficient, diligent and pleasant dental cleaning experience.
What to Expect at Our Longueuil Dental Clinic
Teeth cleaning is a relatively low-stress procedure where patients enjoy the process and end results. It is an important systematic step in maintaining your oral hygiene. Our team of dental hygienists look forward to assisting you and answering any dental related questions.

The main idea in a professional teeth cleaning is to encourage and assist you in your dental health maintenance effort. Please speak with your hygienist if you experience any pain or sensitivity during the procedure. Such reactions might indicate underlying dental conditions such as exposed tooth roots, which might require further treatment. We have many tools at our disposal to make the process as comfortable as possible, don’t hesitate to ask us.

In certain cases, you might require a more extensive cleaning if your periodontal health has been jeopardized. We therefore perform a scaling and root planing, which consists of thoroughly removing any plaque, calculus and stain on the crown and roots of your teeth, as well as smoothing the surface of the roots. Usually, after 3 months from the last dental visit, uncleaned plaque can solidify and will become harder to remove, increasing tooth sensitivity in the process.

Longueuil Teeth Cleaning Services

At Avenue Sourire and associates, we have your best oral health interest at heart. We will make sure to apply the proper screening tools to catch any pathologies and diagnose any early signs of caries, gingivitis or periodontitis.We will evaluate all of your needs and take into consideration your motivation, diet, medical history, malocclusions, etc. to create a truly patient-centered experience.

Book your appointment at Avenue Sourire if you want amazing and personalized care.

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