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Family Dentistry

Family Dentist in Longueuil

Regular brushing and flossing with adequate technique is hugely beneficial for you and your family’s oral health. A dentist needs to work with you to develop a strong plaque control plan, which is the root of decay or gum disease.

At Avenue Sourire, we promote teamwork between our staff, the dentists and the patients. We truly believe that by working together, we can achieve the ideal patient-centered care every healthcare professional should strive for.

Five-Star Rated Family Dentistry

Whether your child just had a tooth fractured from a fall, or the father needs a dental restoration, we would be happy to see the whole family and offer only the best treatment. Everyday, we find new ways to make our patients enjoy their visit to the dentist.

Dental appointments for your child are extremely important, not only to screen for potential diseases, but also because it teaches the child the importance of oral health.
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